I was gonna make a “"genres of monsters” posts but upon thinking about it I realized that “"genres of monster fans” has actually been more interesting to think about 

Anyways genres of monster fans and enthusiasts are off the top of my head

-”My monster dad can beat up your monster dad”

– The folklore historian

– Wants to be a zoologist but for fake animals 

– Caring about monsters being treated well more then the actual humans 

– Believes in all cryptids and just wants monsters to be real more then anything else

– In it for the sex appeal

– Monsters as abstract metaphors for the human suffering in film and literature 

– Just really likes Halloween 

A category I foolishly overlooked


Some facts

– asexuality and aromanticism are minority orientations

– there is no ace or aro privilege

– aces and aros as a group do not benefit from sex-shaming or from the sexualization of oppressed groups

many ace and aros are in fact harmed by sex-shaming and the sexualization of oppressed groups

– aces and aros are not more likely to be bad people than others, there is literally no reason or excuse to assume that

– asexuality and aromanticism are not desexualizing identities

– society at large is not thrilled about ace and aro identities. To start with, a lot of people think it’s not “normal” to not experience sexual attraction and a lot of people think romantic love is an essential part of “the human experience”

– society has zero qualms about pathologizing ace and aro identities, denying their existence and painting them as something in need of “fixing”

– aces and aros often do not learn their orientations exist until way late, if ever. They’re generally not taught about in school or college or in any comparable contexts and a lot of people with power there have zero interest in this changing (for example, because they think our identities are “unhealthy” and/or because they refuse to acknowledge them as orientations)

a lot of aces and aros have recounted a lot of really bad experiences connected to people learning/knowing they’re ace and/or aro

– aces and aros are not in any way better protected from harm than other people

– there is literally no reason to act as if all this isn’t true

Gonna leave it at this for now




i fucking love this thumbnail

Nintendo says don’t be greedy. They sued a husband and wife for $12 million for having a ROM site. They lock in game content behind amiibos. For example, Fusion Mode in Metroid: Samus Returns was locked behind an amiibo which is priced at $30 at GameStop. They locked Mew behind a $50 pay wall in Let’s Go. Until recently, they would copyright claim gameplay videos and take the revenue from it for themselves. The app Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is heavily monetized.

Nintendo wants people to believe that they are the friendly gaming company. They have always been hyper aggressive about their IP and are adopting similar monetizing strategies of the “greedy developers.”

I feel like Nintendo is the Disney of the gaming industry